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Contemplating Contemporary

A design category defined by various style elements all coagulating together for aesthetically pleasing synchronicity, topped with state-of-the-art technology and seamless functionality is hard not to fall in love with. Contemporary kitchens never go out of style.

A Chance to Make Old Things New

One of the key components of contemporary style kitchens is using old furniture or finishes in new and interesting ways. This affords you the opportunity to revamp and refurbish those sentimental items that are outdated but hold sentimental value. A bit of creativity can transform anything from bar stools to dining room tables for an integrated look and a flair of elegance.

Modern Elements

Whilst refurbishing and upcycling is part pf the contemporary look, a large part of this specific style relies on completely new and modern finishes; the magic happens when the two correspond well together. Granite countertops and other quality kitchen components allow for mismatched surfaces that still balance one another. Monument oak cabinets and shelves add warmth and contrast beautifully with a lighter granite countertop for example.

Make it Unique

Whilst sticking to minimalist elements of design is one of the cornerstones of a contemporary kitchen, the introduction of patterned backsplashes or feature walls afford originality and distinction. Stone, ceramics, mosaic and glass tiles are materials that can be used to give your kitchen the character it deserves whilst still retaining modern simplicity.

Other Characteristics to Incorporate

A kitchen island is a fantastic means to honour the contemporary way. Functional, sleek and an opportunity for furthering d├ęcor endeavours, kitchen islands instantly transform the look and feel of a kitchen. Lighting is also a noteworthy component of the cause, ensure that your lighting choices bring plenty of warmth whilst subtly making a statement.

Bringing it All Together

A contemporary style kitchen brings vintage accents together with completely modern finishes for a look that proudly displays the best of both worlds seamlessly and simultaneously does what a kitchen is supposed to do; bring families together in a comfortable, functional space. For advice on kitchen renovations, speak to the team at Universal Kitchens and Granite or visit their website.


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