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Kitchen Countertops: Granite, Quartz or Marble?

Making the right choice for your kitchen countertop between granite, quartz and marble is more than just about aesthetic appeal. Each material comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, and the way in which you plan on using your kitchen, should be a consideration that is made carefully when selecting between them. We have you covered, however. With the right information, there is no way that you will end up making the wrong choice.

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Working with Granite

Granite is a popular and sturdy choice for countertops in most modern kitchens. It is relatively sturdy and adds a unique sense of style to the kitchen it is fitted to. But let’s look a little closer at its pros and cons:


Granite is heat resistant and can be easily mounted beneath sinks for a cleaner look. They are also solid, made from natural  stone, stain and corrosion resistant.


Granite, however, isn’t great for integrated sinks, is not easily repaired, and is quite porous. It is also not the most affordable option, making it a bad choice for those on a budget.

Working with Quartz

Quartz is another popular choice in modern kitchen designs and holds many of the same benefits as granite.


Quartz can be obtained in a variety of colours, is also stain resistant and manufactured from natural stone. It is also resistant to chemicals, holds a solid structure and doesn’t stain easily. Maintenance on quartz is also minimal, which means that its upkeep will cost less in the long-run.


Quartz, however, is not seamless, not easily repaired and is quite porous. It, like granite, is also quite expensive, and is also not ideal for integrated sinks.

Working with Marble

Marble is also a great option for kitchen counters, depending on your needs. When compared to quartz and granite, however, it holds fewer advantages.


Marble is highly heat resistant and it too, is made from natural stone, and holds a solid structure.


Marble does, however, scratch quite easily, isn’t particularly affordable, is not resistant to stains or chemicals, is a little difficult to maintain and even harder to replace.

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