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Choosing The Right Wood

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To re-model your kitchen is always a fun task to do, you just need to take some things into consideration beforehand. Here at Universal Kitchen and Granite we offer a variety of services.

When re-doing your kitchen cabinets, you always have to look at your budget. Kitchen cabinets are made in a variety of different wood types. These wood types consist of maple, walnut, cherry and melamine just to name a few.

When you are looking at price, pine and melamine will be your cheaper options. Most cabinets are made from MDF, plywood or melamine. MDF is a high-grade composite material made from recycled wood fibres and resins.

Laminate VS Melamine

Melamine is a type of laminate, yet not all laminates are made from melamine. Laminate is the description of a product, where a layer of laminate is applied over a substrate such as MDF.

Melamine on the other hand is a special type of craft paper which does not get soggy. Its then soaked in resin. It is then taken into a drying oven. Solid colour melamine is then coated with additional resin, while melamine which will have printed designs is combined with an overlay of melamine.

Melamine has a major benefit of being durable. Melamine is resistant to the normal conditions such as: heat, moisture and stains. Melamine is easy to clean with the tough outer coating.

Benefits of Melamine

Melamine when installed correctly, is a long lasting inexpensive and durable option. Melamine is easier to cut and since the material is less dense, it is easier to assemble cabinets with screws and nails.

Melamine is definitely a safe wood to work with, and there are no harmful resins.

Melamine is waterproof, but needs to be installed properly otherwise water can get into the inner wood. This causes melamine to warp.

Wide selection – there is a wide variety of finishes and colours to choose from.

Great durability – melamine is waterproof, scratch free and shatter resistant.

Easy on budget – melamine covers less expensive wood products like MDF or plywood.

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For more details on what wood to use when re-modelling your kitchen, contact Universal Kitchen and Granite or visit our website for more.

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