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Colourful Kitchens

Colourful Kitchens

Adding colour is the best way to change things up in the kitchen—no renovation, no construction, just paint and a brush (well, sometimes depending on luxury and affordability). Add colour to your cabinets with bright blues and reds, or change  a large space with different greys or greens. But, don’t forget to balance those bright colours using neutral black and whites.

Red, White, & Blue

Variations of cool blue tints help to keep this bold colour palette feeling more modern and mature than like a kids’ playroom. Red and Blue sound like a weird combination but interestingly enough they are two primary colours that work beautifully together.  Adding a splash of white throughout the corner of a kitchens also tempers with the boldness into a pleasantly happy space.

Honed Slate, Honey, & Cherry Red (and Wood)

This rich, colour-infused combination is warm, cozy, and welcoming. It works best with a natural light source, because the colours themselves lean toward the darker contrast. This updated kitchen is from the slightly post-mid-century modern era (70s), but it couldn’t be more relevant to today’s popular aesthetic.

Modern Red-Orange & Goldenrod.

Kitchens inherently have lots “going on,” so a colour scheme can be somewhat subtle yet still be quite effective in the kitchen. A transparent goldenrod suspension lamp above a modern red-orange dining chair around a white Saarinen tulip table provide a fresh, invigorating colour palette. Various shades of grey, ranging from almost-black to light grey in the monorail track lighting system, tall narrow windows, bar stools, and appliances all read as neutral. Wood floors, upper cabinetry, and a wood-faced credenza provide much-needed balance to the space overall.

Poppy Orange & Ebony

A striking and classic colour combination, has constantly recurred throughout time. The thing that makes this combination great in a modern kitchen is the opportunity for contrasts of sheen – high-gloss cabinetry combines with matte ebony walls and shelving for a deep visual feast. Sandwiching the intensity of the colour scheme between white floors and ceiling is a great design choice.

Fuchsia & Light Neutrals

If your kitchen is designed in such a way that an entire wall can be a colour, then you’re perfectly set up to choose a vivacious and vibrant hue to kickstart your modern palette without reservation. Because the walls of a kitchen are inherently broken up by cabinetry, appliances, backsplashes, etc., even the boldest of colours will have a somewhat muted look. Which means you can get away with choosing your favourite flavour of pink (fuchsia!) and not worry about its being overwhelming.

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