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Wooden It Be Nice: Wooden Kitchen Countertops

A wooden countertop is the perfect finish for any kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a vintage, Organic or modern look a wooden kitchen countertop will ensure you get this.

The Benefits of Wooden Kitchen Counter Tops

To list a few, wooden counter tops never go out of fashion and have been “in” for as long as kitchens have been around. Like the human fingerprint no two pieces of wood are the same so you are guaranteed a unique style in your kitchen. With the growing need for environmental conservation wooden counter tops are perfect for the environmentally conscious. Wooden countertops are naturally hygienic because of their natural anti-bacterial properties.

The Cons of Wooden Kitchen counter tops

Although kitchen countertops are durable it may require some maintenance like oiling and resealing to maintain its quality. Wooden countertops need to be installed correctly to get all their benefits this includes proper initial sealing and waterproofing. Another con is that wood is less resistant to heat than other materials.

Wood VS Granite

The only major differences are that wooden countertops are more cost effective than granite; granite is heat resistant and you can prepare food straight on the wooden counter whereas granite will get damaged if you do the same. Other than that it all depends on what you refer and the kind of design and feel you want in your kitchen.

For your very own wooden countertops, full wooden makeover or any kitchen related renovations or revamps contact Universal Kitchens today.

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