Choosing the right company to renovate your kitchen.

Renovating your kitchen can be quite a task. Calling the experts to do the job is much easier and stress free. Picking the perfect company can be daunting, let us help ease your mind.

What’s the process to renovating your kitchen?

Firstly, measuring your kitchen and drawing up the design of what you are looking for. Secondly, Stripping and casting away of your old kitchen cupboards, plumbing and electrical work is to be done. Thirdly, the final installation of your brand-new kitchens, from cupboards to plumbing, electrical, finishes and flooring.

Questions to ask before renovating your kitchen?

Asking about a timeline is very important, having peace of mind in knowing when exactly the chaos in your house will come to an end and you will be able to cook again will eliminate stress entirely. The price from start to finish, ensure there are no hidden costs and extra’s. What you pay for is what you get, bear in mind quality comes at a price in this industry. Discuss the finishes you are looking for and the type of look you are going for.

Can they supply you with references?

Renovating your kitchen can be quite costly, asking for references will put you in a better position to make the perfect decision. Ensuring no hick ups from the beginning is a bonus. Dealing with a professional company who are confident in their work will have no problem showing you previous projects and supplying you with references.

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A guide to kitchen renovations

Kitchens are the most popular room in the house to renovate, probably because a lot of time is spent preparing meals for the family. Renovating a kitchen is a big project and a substantial amount of budget is needed to carry out the project. There are a few things that you need to prepare before hiring Universal Kitchens to get the job done.

  1. Set your budget.

You need to be realistic with the cost of your kitchen renovations, have a look at what you can afford; there is nothing worse than an unfinished kitchen, which couldn’t be completed due to budget constraints. A helpful rule to remember is to keep ten to twenty percent aside for unplanned costs such as the project taking longer than expected.

  1. Do research.

Do a little bit of window-shopping to understand what the cost of items are. Have a look at various kitchen layouts and trends to get a better understanding of what you like and what you want.

  1. Consider hidden costs.

There are often costs that we don’t think about such as labour, taxes, importing, shipping costs, delivery costs and the cost of materials. Hidden costs can add up quickly and before you know it you are running out of budget, it is therefore important to factor in hidden costs so that you know that everything is covered.

  1. Plan the layout of the kitchen.

The kitchen needs to be functional and practical which is why layout is so important. Think about the amount of people who will be using the kitchen at a time, space available, and workstations. Arrange the sink, refrigerator and stove in a triangular pattern as these are the features in the kitchen, which are most often used.

  1. Communication

Once you have set your budget, decided on your layout and factored in hidden costs, you need to communicate your vision with your contractor. Giving the contractor a clear image of what you hope to achieve with your kitchen renovations will assist you in achieving the result.


In conclusion.

Universal Kitchens should be your contractor of choice when you are looking for quality kitchen components or a trustworthy company to assist you with your kitchen renovations. They are the proud achievers of the best contractor award and pay special attention to customer service. Contact Universal Kitchens for a quote.

Wooden It Be Nice: Wooden Kitchen Countertops

A wooden countertop is the perfect finish for any kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a vintage, Organic or modern look a wooden kitchen countertop will ensure you get this.

The Benefits of Wooden Kitchen Counter Tops

To list a few, wooden counter tops never go out of fashion and have been “in” for as long as kitchens have been around. Like the human fingerprint no two pieces of wood are the same so you are guaranteed a unique style in your kitchen. With the growing need for environmental conservation wooden counter tops are perfect for the environmentally conscious. Wooden countertops are naturally hygienic because of their natural anti-bacterial properties.

The Cons of Wooden Kitchen counter tops

Although kitchen countertops are durable it may require some maintenance like oiling and resealing to maintain its quality. Wooden countertops need to be installed correctly to get all their benefits this includes proper initial sealing and waterproofing. Another con is that wood is less resistant to heat than other materials.

Wood VS Granite

The only major differences are that wooden countertops are more cost effective than granite; granite is heat resistant and you can prepare food straight on the wooden counter whereas granite will get damaged if you do the same. Other than that it all depends on what you refer and the kind of design and feel you want in your kitchen.

For your very own wooden countertops, full wooden makeover or any kitchen related renovations or revamps contact Universal Kitchens today.

Colourful Kitchens

Adding colour is the best way to change things up in the kitchen—no renovation, no construction, just paint and a brush (well, sometimes depending on luxury and affordability). Add colour to your cabinets with bright blues and reds, or change  a large space with different greys or greens. But, don’t forget to balance those bright colours using neutral black and whites.

Red, White, & Blue

Variations of cool blue tints help to keep this bold colour palette feeling more modern and mature than like a kids’ playroom. Red and Blue sound like a weird combination but interestingly enough they are two primary colours that work beautifully together.  Adding a splash of white throughout the corner of a kitchens also tempers with the boldness into a pleasantly happy space.

Honed Slate, Honey, & Cherry Red (and Wood)

This rich, colour-infused combination is warm, cozy, and welcoming. It works best with a natural light source, because the colours themselves lean toward the darker contrast. This updated kitchen is from the slightly post-mid-century modern era (70s), but it couldn’t be more relevant to today’s popular aesthetic.

Modern Red-Orange & Goldenrod.

Kitchens inherently have lots “going on,” so a colour scheme can be somewhat subtle yet still be quite effective in the kitchen. A transparent goldenrod suspension lamp above a modern red-orange dining chair around a white Saarinen tulip table provide a fresh, invigorating colour palette. Various shades of grey, ranging from almost-black to light grey in the monorail track lighting system, tall narrow windows, bar stools, and appliances all read as neutral. Wood floors, upper cabinetry, and a wood-faced credenza provide much-needed balance to the space overall.

Poppy Orange & Ebony

A striking and classic colour combination, has constantly recurred throughout time. The thing that makes this combination great in a modern kitchen is the opportunity for contrasts of sheen – high-gloss cabinetry combines with matte ebony walls and shelving for a deep visual feast. Sandwiching the intensity of the colour scheme between white floors and ceiling is a great design choice.

Fuchsia & Light Neutrals

If your kitchen is designed in such a way that an entire wall can be a colour, then you’re perfectly set up to choose a vivacious and vibrant hue to kickstart your modern palette without reservation. Because the walls of a kitchen are inherently broken up by cabinetry, appliances, backsplashes, etc., even the boldest of colours will have a somewhat muted look. Which means you can get away with choosing your favourite flavour of pink (fuchsia!) and not worry about its being overwhelming.

Choosing The Right Wood

To re-model your kitchen is always a fun task to do, you just need to take some things into consideration beforehand. Here at Universal Kitchen and Granite we offer a variety of services.

When re-doing your kitchen cabinets, you always have to look at your budget. Kitchen cabinets are made in a variety of different wood types. These wood types consist of maple, walnut, cherry and melamine just to name a few.

When you are looking at price, pine and melamine will be your cheaper options. Most cabinets are made from MDF, plywood or melamine. MDF is a high-grade composite material made from recycled wood fibres and resins.

Laminate VS Melamine

Melamine is a type of laminate, yet not all laminates are made from melamine. Laminate is the description of a product, where a layer of laminate is applied over a substrate such as MDF.

Melamine on the other hand is a special type of craft paper which does not get soggy. Its then soaked in resin. It is then taken into a drying oven. Solid colour melamine is then coated with additional resin, while melamine which will have printed designs is combined with an overlay of melamine.

Melamine has a major benefit of being durable. Melamine is resistant to the normal conditions such as: heat, moisture and stains. Melamine is easy to clean with the tough outer coating.

Benefits of Melamine

Melamine when installed correctly, is a long lasting inexpensive and durable option. Melamine is easier to cut and since the material is less dense, it is easier to assemble cabinets with screws and nails.

Melamine is definitely a safe wood to work with, and there are no harmful resins.

Melamine is waterproof, but needs to be installed properly otherwise water can get into the inner wood. This causes melamine to warp.

Wide selection – there is a wide variety of finishes and colours to choose from.

Great durability – melamine is waterproof, scratch free and shatter resistant.

Easy on budget – melamine covers less expensive wood products like MDF or plywood.

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Kitchen Islands

An island is a free-standing piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space. Referring to this kitchen feature as an island does not infer permanence, it is common for owners to purchase a free-standing island to increase a kitchens preparation area.

An island is also not limited or a specific dimension, which means it can be sized appropriately to the kitchen space available. Remodelling your kitchen can be a big step, but always make sure exactly you want.

Why Should You Have an Island in Your Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen remodelling, islands are all the rage, there are many types of kitchen islands to accommodate the size of your kitchen. There are several reasons to add an island to your kitchen.

  • Additional storage – space and storage space is key in a kitchen. You can design an island with cabinets or shelving, anything from built-in wine racks or coffee mug holders.
  • Casual seating – an island can provide a place for family and friends to sit while meals are being prepared.
  • Extra appliances and outlets – an island can be equipped with plumbing, gas and electrical, so if you think of adding extra appliances you will have enough space.
  • A separate work station – this includes a sink or a built-in cutting board. If you love spending time in the kitchen, add these to your kitchen.
  • A focal point – a kitchen island can highlight the overall style of your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands range from the cheapest and most simplistic to the most expensive and most functional.

Rolling cart island – rolling carts are more like portable preparation areas that you keep to the side of the kitchen, rather than featuring permanently.

Kitchen island table – it has four legs and a flat top. So it is basically like a table positioned where the island usually is.

Fully functional island – this island does everything it has electrical, sink, drainage and ample space.

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Kitchen Countertops: Granite, Quartz or Marble?

Making the right choice for your kitchen countertop between granite, quartz and marble is more than just about aesthetic appeal. Each material comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, and the way in which you plan on using your kitchen, should be a consideration that is made carefully when selecting between them. We have you covered, however. With the right information, there is no way that you will end up making the wrong choice.

Looking for the right advice? Let our professional kitchen manufacturers help you out.

Working with Granite

Granite is a popular and sturdy choice for countertops in most modern kitchens. It is relatively sturdy and adds a unique sense of style to the kitchen it is fitted to. But let’s look a little closer at its pros and cons:


Granite is heat resistant and can be easily mounted beneath sinks for a cleaner look. They are also solid, made from natural  stone, stain and corrosion resistant.


Granite, however, isn’t great for integrated sinks, is not easily repaired, and is quite porous. It is also not the most affordable option, making it a bad choice for those on a budget.

Working with Quartz

Quartz is another popular choice in modern kitchen designs and holds many of the same benefits as granite.


Quartz can be obtained in a variety of colours, is also stain resistant and manufactured from natural stone. It is also resistant to chemicals, holds a solid structure and doesn’t stain easily. Maintenance on quartz is also minimal, which means that its upkeep will cost less in the long-run.


Quartz, however, is not seamless, not easily repaired and is quite porous. It, like granite, is also quite expensive, and is also not ideal for integrated sinks.

Working with Marble

Marble is also a great option for kitchen counters, depending on your needs. When compared to quartz and granite, however, it holds fewer advantages.


Marble is highly heat resistant and it too, is made from natural stone, and holds a solid structure.


Marble does, however, scratch quite easily, isn’t particularly affordable, is not resistant to stains or chemicals, is a little difficult to maintain and even harder to replace.

Contact Universal Kitchens for Details

No matter what materials you choose to incorporate into your next kitchen design, be sure to have Universal Kitchens handle your renovation for you. Contact one of our representatives today, or visit our website for more information on our offers.

Contemplating Contemporary

A design category defined by various style elements all coagulating together for aesthetically pleasing synchronicity, topped with state-of-the-art technology and seamless functionality is hard not to fall in love with. Contemporary kitchens never go out of style.

A Chance to Make Old Things New

One of the key components of contemporary style kitchens is using old furniture or finishes in new and interesting ways. This affords you the opportunity to revamp and refurbish those sentimental items that are outdated but hold sentimental value. A bit of creativity can transform anything from bar stools to dining room tables for an integrated look and a flair of elegance.

Modern Elements

Whilst refurbishing and upcycling is part pf the contemporary look, a large part of this specific style relies on completely new and modern finishes; the magic happens when the two correspond well together. Granite countertops and other quality kitchen components allow for mismatched surfaces that still balance one another. Monument oak cabinets and shelves add warmth and contrast beautifully with a lighter granite countertop for example.

Make it Unique

Whilst sticking to minimalist elements of design is one of the cornerstones of a contemporary kitchen, the introduction of patterned backsplashes or feature walls afford originality and distinction. Stone, ceramics, mosaic and glass tiles are materials that can be used to give your kitchen the character it deserves whilst still retaining modern simplicity.

Other Characteristics to Incorporate

A kitchen island is a fantastic means to honour the contemporary way. Functional, sleek and an opportunity for furthering décor endeavours, kitchen islands instantly transform the look and feel of a kitchen. Lighting is also a noteworthy component of the cause, ensure that your lighting choices bring plenty of warmth whilst subtly making a statement.

Bringing it All Together

A contemporary style kitchen brings vintage accents together with completely modern finishes for a look that proudly displays the best of both worlds seamlessly and simultaneously does what a kitchen is supposed to do; bring families together in a comfortable, functional space. For advice on kitchen renovations, speak to the team at Universal Kitchens and Granite or visit their website.


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